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Happy Pupper!

NOTE: Pet Parent Paradise only offers pet services at the clients home for residents of Gulfport, MS with zip codes 39501, 39503, 39507.

All services are first come, first serve. All services come with a text each visit to let you know how everything is going 😊 


Thank you so much for your support since 2012!!!


Meet & Greet🙋‍♀️: FREE

This is where I come by and we go over all the things I need to know to ensure your critters are content while their bestie is away and of course to meet them! Typically this is a 30 minute process. I will text you the day prior to confirm. 


Cat (or small critters) Visits🐱🐁🐇🐦🐢🐠: $15/each

This is great for pet parents going out of town. This includes litter box scooping, feeding, refreshing water, treats (if allowed) and snuggles.


Potty & Play Midday Break🐶: $15/visit

This discounted rate is great for working pet parents who will be booking 3+ visits per week M-Fr with us to let their pooches out to potty & play, make sure there is water available and give a treat (if allowed). Less than 3 visits per week is regular price of $20/visit. This allows you to work without worry or get to do things after work without needing to rush home! 🏃‍♂️ 


Live-ins💤: $125/calendar day 

This rate is for me to move into your home while you're away from your best friends 🐶🐱. This is a 16hr visit typically starting around 3pm-7am and includes a midday potty & play break. Sixteen hours at $125/calendar day translates to $7.81/hr. If the day of your departure is after 5pm the rate for that day will be $80 for at least 10hrs. This service allows for more home security, more cuddles, snacks and potty breaks for your loved ones and we do NOT charge extra per pet. Critters who get "Live-ins" tend to be less insecure and more comfortable while Mom and/or Dad is away. This is really great for all but especially senior or special need pet pals. I will supply all my own grub and sleep where you prefer. I will text you each day including picture messages to let you know how everything is going.


NOTE: Pet Parent Paradise does not offer multiple visits per days for doggos 🐶 due to our live-in schedule because we will not be able to do late night visits and many puppers can't wait 12+ hrs to potty BUT if you think your puppers can we can point you in the right direction of someone we network with who does offer multiple pupper visits per day.


Pet Taxi 🚕: $25/one way for Gulfport residents with appointments in Gulfport. These can include veterinary or grooming appointments. This is available for pets under 50lbs and then can ride well in a car and be walked well on a leash. These are for drop offs/pick ups only. We do not have the availability to stay during appointments. This is not eligible for emergencies. We do not offer any emergency services. This would be drop off early morning and/or pick up late afternoon. PLEASE contact me prior to setting your vet/grooming appt to ensure I have availability and which days I can offer this service to you. Only for established clients.


House Sitting 🏠 (no pets): $5

We will drive out and check the perimeter, do a walk through and bring in the mail.

*This service not available on weekends.

Need to know info:

Holiday Charges🎅🤶🥂🥧

There will be an additional $5 charge for any visits done on New Years Day, Independence Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas 

Please make sure to contact Pet Parent Paradise ASAP when you know the dates that a pet sitter is needed - we fill up very fast and want to help you!

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