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Happy Pupper!

Welcome to being able to leave your pets for the day or while on vacation guilt free!

We offer care for your pets in your home and have done so for Gulfport residents since 2012. We also provide those helpful little extras and security by checking the perimeter of your home, turning on/off lights, watering plants, taking out the trash and generally keeping the home running and secure.

We have experience with dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, small caged animals and more.

Benefits of hiring Pet Parent Paradise for your pet sitting needs:

  • Many pets are more comfortable when they remain at home in familiar surroundings and maintain their regular feeding and potty schedule. Being kenneled can be very stressful for some pets. Many pet owners realize this and will pay a pet sitter for the well being of their animals. Since we come to the home daily, the home is less vulnerable to break-ins because it looks "lived in." When there are multiple pets in the home, our charges can actually be less expensive than a kennel because we don't charge per head (within reason).
  • Pet sitters are usually the ideal choice for: puppies/kittens, senior pets, pets that are not socialized, pets that are not friendly with other animals, pets with anxiety issues or medical concerns and pets that are used to and prefer one on one attention.
  • We are professional pet sitters which means that we have business liability insurance and bonding, background checks, references which is all for your peace of mind.
  • We are compassionate, trustworthy and reliable!

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