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About Me - Your Pet Sitter
Hi there!  My name is Connie Call and I have been doing professional pet sitting full time since 2012.  I graduated locally from Harrison Central High in 1999 and worked in retail management for thirteen year prior to deciding to run a small business for myself.  I have lived in South MS for the majority of my adult life.

My Personality Traits:  I have empathy for those in need and do quarterly needed items drive for local nonprofits.  I have a good sense of humor and am straightforward. I am honest - for example, if you leave candy around the house I am gonna snag some - (INSANE SWEET TOOTH OVER HERE haha). I am reliable.  I prefer the company of animals and nature. I have openness to the feelings of others. I am competent.  

Why choose me as your pet sitter:  Giving someone access to your everything is so scary!  My job is to make you feel as comfortable as possible with this decision.  I am knowledgeable in the needs of most types of pets.  I have a dependable car and my smart phone is typically not far from me. I respond ASAP to client communications because I don't want my clients to worry.  I will offer advice if needed on things like training issues, proper nutrition and more.  I am a responsible person.  I am an introvert which basically means for you that I am not going to be inviting others to your home and my social life is such that if I say I will be there for you I definitely will.  I have basic pet First Aid & CPR knowledge, have taken animal behavior classes and more.  I can pass a background check and offer many personal and client references.  I have no problems with cameras in your home.  I do not judge client's political views, your religion, your orientations or anything else (ya - I just want to be the one you choose to love your critters.  This isn't just a job for me.  I will genuinely treat your pets like my own while I am with them.

Why choose my business:
Pet Parent Paradise is a small locally owned business.
PPP is insured and bonded.
I do not have employees at this time which means you always know who is going to be in your home - me!
Pet Parent Paradise operates a full time schedule.
PPP has many good reviews available online.

Thank you so much for visiting this site!  If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to get into contact with me.

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