Pet Parent Paradise - Professional Pet Sitting & Services While You're Away!

Meet & Greet FREE
This includes meeting your pets, seeing where their belongings are located, going over paperwork/costs and getting a working key which is usually 30 minute process.  We suggest calling at least one week before your departure date so that we can try to accommodate your dates needed & meet and greet. 

 Pet Sitting
Available Sun-Sat 630am-9am and then 5pm-730pm

 I will drive to your home and take your dog(s) to go potty or clean litter boxes, replenish water/food, give meds if needed, give affection/play to all pets & give treats and lovems.  I will do home perimeter checks for safety, water plants and bring up the mail and trash can if requested. I will alternate lights and window dressings for the appearance of someone being home.  You will receive a text message at or after each visit to let you know how everything went.
All visits are arranged first come, first serve
                             Holidays    $25/visit
(Holidays: Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, New Years Day, Easter)

Midday Potty & Play Break 
Mon-Fri between 9am-5pm in Gulfport, MS for pet parents who need their pooches let out while they're working earning money or away on a trip. This is also good for cat clients whose parents are away ($15 rate only good between 9-5, if before or after is requested it would be the regular $20 pet sitting charge.
 I will drive to your home, let your pups potty while in the yard with them or walk them if no fenced in yard available.  For cats whose parents are traveling, I will scoop litter and refresh water/food.  We will play and/or snuggle and I will give them a treat if allowed.  If preferred I will also bring up the mail and trash cans while I am visiting.  I will text you at or after each visit so that you know all is well.

Overnight Slumber Party! 
Have pets that need more attention and companionship?  Want more security for your home while you're gone?
You’ve come to the right place.
I will drive out to your home, check the perimeter for safety, bring up the mail/newspaper/trash cans/water some plants.  I will make sure everyone is fed and any litter boxes are cleaned.  Since I will be there all night we will also give extra potty breaks, play time and snuggle time.  I will treat your pets like you treat your pets!  Do they normally sleep in the bed with you?  Then they are sleeping in the bed with me for snuggle fest! 
Hours for this service are 8pm to 6am

$7/hr with a minimum of 10 hrs  
$15/visit if additional afternoon visits are needed midday

Holidays $10/hr with a minimum of 10 hrs
$20/visit if additional afternoon visits are needed midday

Add -on Services (only available for pet sitting clients)
Pet Taxi - $15/one way  Available to travel to vet clinics/groomers located in Gulfport.  This service is to drop off/pick up critters for their vet or grooming appointments.  Large/XL dogs may not fit in my vehicle.
Bath&Brush - $15 for dogs up to 40lbs.  Brush/doggy shampoo/etc is provided for by client please.  Will not overwhelm dogs who do not tolerate baths so please take to a professional if that is the case for your furry friend.
Grocery pick up - $10 for pick up at Walmart neighborhood market that the client has already arranged and paid for...please make sure I am available for the time slot requested.  I will place food in fridge/pantry.
Tidy Up Before Return - $15 for me to sweep/vacuum common areas, take out the trash, wipe down counters, toilet brush common area bathroom toilet, fold up throw blankets and pick up loose items for those clients who didn't have time before they left and don't want to have to do it when they return.  Price dependent on situation & time needed to complete. (Not included:  laundry, mopping, windows, dishes, dusting, etc = these tasks will take too long to accomplish if I have a typical schedule)
Toss & Organize - $30 for me to go through fridge/pantry and toss out expired goods and then organize those areas.  Price dependent on situation & time needed to complete.

****these add-on services are only available if I am not fully booked and have the time to do so.  Please contact me prior to departure to ensure I can accommodate.  

Visit our section labeled "FAQs" for Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at 228-617-2879

Please be sure to check the "our time off" section prior to contacting us for scheduling - we do network with other local professional sitters and can provide you their info any time we are not available.
Thanks again for all of your support!!!  If you appreciate our service, spread the word!  Our business is run by "word of mouth"!  We love referrals! 
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