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Frequently Asked Questions
What is your service area?
     Pet Parent Paradise services all of Gulfport, MS

What does insured and bonded mean?  
    Having someone that is liability insured and bonded come in to your home is the safest option for you and your pets because that basically means that if there is any negligence you are covered for the amount that the insurance goes up to and that goes for being bonded as well.  If your pet sitter were to steal or damage something in your home (don't worry, I won't steal from you...well, maybe if I see chocolate lying around) you would be covered by the bond.

Do you charge more per pet?    
     No I do not charge per head (within reason). My rate is a flat rate that covers all critters that belong to your household.  

How can I be sure that you are trustworthy/reliable?  
    Ask for a referral!  I have plenty of clients that will give you all the details about me.  Ask anything, I have nothing to hide.  I also have tons of great reviews at the facebook page

Who will be in my home?
     We do not have a staff outside myself and my mother.  My mom, Pam is my back up if I am sick or injured.  She is also covered under my business insurance and meets all pets once they are 100% comfortable with me.  I will let you know ahead of time and bring her in with me during one of my regularly scheduled visits to ensure she knows what is expected and so that your pet's have a chance to meet her.  I will never bring a significant other, child, friend, etc into your home.  

Why should I hire a professional pet sitter instead of someone down the street for a cheaper rate? 
    A professional pet sitter is insured, bonded, has experience, has real references, basic first aid knowledge and best of all is reliable.  This is something that the professional sitter lives and breathes every day!

What happens during an overnight?  
    The most awesome snuggly slumber party ever!  I will show up, do my normal chores around the house and give your pets loving and play time until they are ready for snuggles.  Then I just curl up on the couch and watches tv with them.  I will bring my own food and basically just need a clean place to sleep.  Overnights are 10 hrs from 8pm-6am
Any pets that you won't sit for?  
    Bigfoot.  Any pet that is dressed as a clown.  But in all honesty, the only pets that I won't sit for are ones that are truly aggressive. I have no breed restrictions.  

Do you offer nail grinding or grooming?  
    No, just because I want your pet to be happy to see me every time I come by and not have PTSD flashbacks of a cut quick or a bad hair cut. 

Do you have a problem cleaning pee/poop/vomit/litter boxes? 
    You're adorable.  That's pretty much my job description.  No, no problem.  I will clean it up the best I can and leave you a note just in case it turns into something more serious.

What can I expect during the meet and greet process?  
    I will come to your home, you will show me around and introduce me to everyone, you will tell me your pets normal routine and we will go over the 89 pages of paperwork that I brought for you to sign. Not really 89 pages but I like to make sure that I have absolutely every piece of info that I need before you leave so that I don't bother you while you are away.

How do I know that you are visiting my pet while I am gone?  
    I will text you at every visit and send you a picture text if you want.  Feel free to watch me on some sort of nanny cam - just don't put me on YouTube singing to your cat or something else embarrassing.

What happens if I need to schedule you for visits and you are not available/booked?
    I can offer you a list of other professional pet sitters in your area that I network with.

How will I contact you to schedule visits, etc?
     I am a huge fan of texting or email. I ask that all potential clients call to set up a meet and greet or ask initial questions because it is easier but afterwards I usually ask clients to either text or email me schedule requests because I do not answer the phone while driving or with clients, don't always have a notepad next to me and with text or email I can go back to it later and ensure I got everything down correctly.  If you are unable to text/email or need to discuss something in detail - a phone call is absolutely okay, we just may have to play phone tag a little.

Any medications that you will not give?
     I do not give injections or subcutaneous fluids.

Thank you so much for thinking about joining the Pet Parent Paradise client family and I appreciate you!
If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!  
You can email me at 
or call at 228.617.2879

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